Web Services I Actually Use

Google Docs - Combined with Flubaroo and Doctopus/Goobric, this is the ultimate collaboration tool for schools

YouTube - Showcase your class videos to the world

Twitter - Post class happenings to show off. You can also create a digital PLN.

Quizstar - Old but excellent site for quizzes with instant feedback and repeatability, essential gamification elements

Socrative - Excellent quiz and feedback site that has visible results

WebcamToy - Silly effects for your webcam. Good for entertainment and time-killing

Online Stopwatch - Simple, but effective for managing activities and timing speeches

Victim Selector - Simple random name picker

Triptico - Swiss army knife of classroom utilities

NoRedInk - Grammar and syntax practice and quizzes

NewsELA - Strengthen reading skills with news articles that have adjustable reading levels and activities

Specific Sites for Visual Media

FaceYourManga - Make avatars

Kerning Game - Can you match the type spacing of the pros?

Font Design - Can you design type like the pros?

Apps I Actually Use

Zipgrade - Scantron-style quizzes that you grade with your phone

QR Droid & Redlaser - Free QR code readers for Android and iThings

Lapse It Pro - I use old smart phones to make time lapse videos for class activities

Software and Hardware I Actually Use

iMovie - The best video editing software ever

CloudReady - Turn (almost) any PC or laptop into a Chromebook

Ubuntu Linux - Free Operating System with a full suite of tools

Libreoffice - Free office suite

GIMP - Free photo editor

Xournal - Annotate PDFs

Wacom Tablet - Graphics pad to annotate documents

Samsung Video Cameras - Create movies on the cheap

uBlock Origin - Block ads on any browser

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