Professional Communications

This is a gamified class. We're after more than just grades; we're after glory and loot. If you find yourself missing our classroom adventures, you can find all our quests here. TIP: Parents can sign the "timely" boxes if you're absent when they're due.


Quest Level I Page Quest Level II Page
Dungeon: Ceremonius Quest Level III Page
Dungeon: Informatus Quest: Epic Armor
Dungeon: Persuadius Quest Level IV Page
Groupus: Ad Campaign Dungeon: Interviewus


TEACHERS: I have other materials that I use to gamify the class. I put files in this folder. My badges are printed on these labels. I reward one Dragon's Knot per badge. I offer coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water w/ flavoring, four office chairs, and "loot" (candy) for sale for a DK, or 50¢ for the drinks.

NOTE: The editable files (".odg") are for Libreoffice Draw.


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