NOTE: This page is very old

I leave it here as a time capsule to 2009 edtech :)

Where to Start

The best website for education technology is http://www.freetech4teachers.com/

Get on Twitter! Here's help. Here's a good list of educators to follow to get you started.

Bloom's Taxonomy has changed. How does Google fit in? What about web 2.0 tools?

Class Communication

Edmodo - Social networking for school. Private, secure collaboration

 Posterous.com - Instant blog for posting links and pictures R.I.P. Posterous

 Schootube - Collect videos in a safe spot and share with the world

 TodaysMeet - Backchannel with a clean interface

 Corkboard - Class bulletin board

 Mr. Thread - Another backchannel site


youtopia.com  Youtopia provides challenges and rewards for gamifying your class

Socrative Logo  Socrative is a cool, mobile-friendly quiz and feedback system. It fits well with a BYOD approach.

QuizStar  Quizstar's free online quizzes work well with the gamifying concept by allowing multiple attempts


 Polleverywhere - Poll with text messages; instant update


 Voicethread - Your voice, your images

 Jaycut - Combine images and text. Uses webcam, too

 Creaza - Suite of video and sound creation tools

 Glogster - Virtual posters

 Stupeflix - Connect video, pictures, and audio into a presentation

 Flixtime - Cool image and video presentation

 Wordle - Use words to create designs

 Tagxedo - Similar to Wordle, but can make shapes

 Aviary - Suite of creativity apps for music, pictures

 BigHugeLabs - Suite of creativity for images. Fun.


 Storybird - Art and narrative, by you

 SimpleBooklet - Virtual brochures and postcards


 Prezi - Dynamic, next-generation presentations

 Sliderocket - Slick presentation site

 280 Slides - Create dynamic online presentations


 Google Docs - Free, collaborative office suite

 PBWorks - Wikis to consolidate knowledge

 Bubbl.us - Brainstorming and mind-mapping

 Titanpad - Write something together


 Livebinders - A tabbed, collaborative collection site

 Evernote - Saves anything web-based from your browser

 Diigo - Social bookmarking

 Soshiku - Student organization site

 TrackClass - Another student organization site


 Quizlet - Flashcards with innovative ways of studying them

 StudyBlue - Notes and flashcards

Web Tools

TinyURL.com - Shortens unwieldy web addresses

 KnowURL - Helps to resolve shortened URLs

 CheckShortURL - Resolves short URLs before you click

Critical Thinking and Argument

 aMap - Map your argument

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