Unit Three: Modern Media

We turn more critical in this last unit. We explore propaganda and advertising's rise to visual power. If time permits, we look at the end of Gutenberg's mechanical printing, street art, and game video evolution. We discuss television production and turn a critical eye to editing's magical power to influence and deceive, then finish with film's birth and archetypal power.



Video: Mashup of propaganda definition and criticism videos, including John Pilger's The War We Don't See (graphic war images), “What is Propaganda?” and “How Edward Bernays Hacked Democracy

Activity: We examine many examples of propaganda, then take sides to produce our own propaganda posters



Video: Sell & Spin: A History of Advertising – I shorten this to one day

Activity: We create an Ogilvy-style print ad digitally via Keynote - Coola Cola image link & handout



Video: The Persuaders or Merchants of Cool (graphic language and images) – PBS docs over the science behind marketing

Activity: We create Adbusters-style, satirical, subvertisements that mock advertising powerful messages



Printing and Type

Video: (time permitting) Mashup of Linotype: The Film and Helvetica

Activity: Type and Fonts activities, both digital and analog (presentation)


Street Art

Video: (time permitting) Inside Outside (graphic language) – street art politics and philosophy

Activity: We create stencils, wheat paste, lettering, and digital graffiti - lettering guides & presentation


Video Game Graphics

Video: (time permitting) Brief History of Graphics – gaming visual evolution

Activity: 8-bit coloring (½ day – still developing this activity)


Television Production

Video: (time permitting) This is Sportscenter 2003 documentary (can't find the video anywhere, sorry)– live television preparation and production

Activity: none for this video



Video: The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing (graphic) – Hollywood editors discuss their craft

Activity: (time permitting) Storyboard and shoot a short silent film (presentation


Reality Television

Video: Reality of Reality (TV 4-part series, no link, sorry) – deceptive editing of reality shows

Activity: We edit raw footage of two actors into an understandable conversation - student sample


Silent Film

Video: Chaplin's The Kid – a silent film teenagers actually enjoy - introductory prezo

Activity: post-film questions and short responses


Laughing At It All

Video: Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail – modern humor and absurdity - introductory prezo

Activity: post-film questions and short responses


Modern Mythology

Video: Star Wars: A New Hope (link is to fan edit information)– the archetypal hero and monomyth in cinema - introductory prezo

Activity: post-film questions and short responses


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