Classroom Tech and Websites

NOTE: This page is archived. I keep it around for giggles and as a record of edtech circa 2009.

I'm a geek. I'm passionate about technology and education and integrating the two in my classroom. 

Low Tech

Whiteboards - I created 2'x3' whiteboards for 2-4 students to use for anything from prewriting to diagramming. They're from cheap panelboard that sells for ~$12 at Lowe's. Here's the blog post that inspired me.

 Posters - I create my own posters with blockposters.com and this (ahem) site

 Low-tech "Clickers" - Get instant group feedback with these cool answer paddles

Vision problems - Some students simply refuse to wear glasses, so I have a huge, old monitor that mirrors what's on my main LCD projector placed close to those who need it. Note: the picture in real life is much more clear than it appears in this photograph.

High Tech

Ubuntu Linux - Free, robust operating system and complete software packages. Leave Microsoft behind!

 Wacom Tablet - Interact with computers with a pen and tablet interface. I use the older, Intuos3 tablet, which is cheaper on Ebay

LibreOffice.org - Free office suite

Xournal - Markup and save PDF files. Alternatives for Windows: Jarnal or NoteLab

Document Camera - Cheap webcam + old lamp + Cheese (or any program that displays webcam video) = document camera for practically nothing. Windows alternative: YawCam or CamStudio (I've used neither, so YMMV)


  Wiimote Whiteboard - teachwithtech.com and this site will get you going on a cheap and fun smartboard alternative


Triptico - Software for smartboard activities. Word magnets and such.


FreeTech4Teachers - Mecca for geeky teachers

Testmoz - Quick, easy quizzes. No ads or signup

Google Docs - Create, share, and collaborate. Create self-grading tests!

JeopardyLabs - Jeopardy games for fun and study

Quizlet - Slick flashcard study and testing

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