Unit Two: Medieval to Matisse

We begin here to trace a path from pagan Roman and Greek iconography and architecture into Christian art and cathedrals. We next explore the book's role in Medieval and Renaissance culture. Then, we finish by looking at specific Renaissance concepts and artists, photography's arrival, and finally Modern Art's influence.


Pagan to Catholic - Medieval Age

Video: Waldemar Januszczak's Dark Ages: An Age of Light, "The Clash of the Gods" episode - intro prezo

Activity: None for this video


Illuminated Manuscripts

Video: (½ hour) Illuminations - Treasures of the Middle Ages with Andrew Graham-Dixon - intro prezo

Activity: (½ hour) Line-art illuminated letters. I have gold Sharpies and blue crayons that I limit to two minutes of use per student to make them “rare” and valuable colors, just like Middle Ages.


Gutenberg Changes Everything

Video: Stephen Fry's The Machine That Made Us about Gutenberg's press and moveable type - intro prezo

Activity: (Day One) Paper and Bookmaking activities – we make our own paper, play with imposition (page layout), and stitch pamphlet-style books

(Day Two) We make our own type from house insulation, print with foam “relief plates,” and use a letterpress and wooden type - video


Taste of the Renaissance via TMNT

Video: Renaissance Art videos from Khan Academy (art nudity) videos: Intro, Donatello, Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Raphael - viewing questions

Activity: Perspective, detail, posing, and facial expressions, plus our world-famous Last Supper imitation


The Camera Arrives

Video: Mashup of Wizard of Photography and American Photography Part One (graphic war images)

Activity: We explore my pinhole/digital hybrid camera, film-camera workings, and photographic elements, then I challenge the class to combine three elements of photography with a given title to produce an original picture. 


Art Finds Its Way - Modern Art

Video: Mashup of Modern Masters series from Alastair Sooke (art nudity)

Activity: Fun Dali moustaches, coloring Campbell Soup cans, Matisse cutout challenge, Picasso faces

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